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This week we are dealing with unwanted habits and addiction.

Lets face it, most of us could use this.

Replace unwanted behaviour with a beneficial action.

Are you ready to end drug addiction, or lollies, chips, nail biting... anything?

You might be more comfortable watching from the sidelines, and that is okay too.

All are welcome, although get in quickly as numbers are limited.

These group are small enough to ensure personal attention, interactive and engaging connection.

You never know, this could be the pivotal moment you have been waiting for

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 Ready for a change?

  • end that bad habit - smoking, drugs, sugar...
  • move towards optimal health
  • increase fitness
  • eat well
  • find peace
  • get rid of irrational fear
  • courage then confidence

SMS 4 Wellness

GroupGroup Sessions to unlock your secret message system

  • ignite your inner wisdom
  • know what your body needs
  • avoid toxins and toxic influences naturally
  • adjust taste, desire, cravings and urges
  • release limiting beliefs
  • end self sabotage 

A small investment, a huge reward 

Book in now

  • feel good in your body (despite the scales)
  • fit into your favourite clothes (or buy new ones)
  • want what you need
  • want how much you need (not too much)
  • end self sabotage 
  • establish habits towards optimal health

Live life fully - SMS 4 Wellness

Say "YES!" to Wellness

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  • 2 hours of interactive, beneficial connection
  • limit of 10 per group session
  • for men and women 
  • shift those bad habits,
  • optimal healthy weight
  • optimal wellness

Sit back and let the shift happen

Group Hypnosis Session

Lynny changed her eating habits in one session

Naomi stopped craving sugar in three sessions

Book via Meetup, it's free

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